Møt Estlands maritime sektor: En eksklusiv samling på den estiske ambassaden

Dette arrangementet er gjennomført. Det ble en vellykket samling i Oslo og mange nye verdifulle fobindelser ble skapt. Agenturer.no har en stort kontaktliste med selskaper i maritim sektor som er interessert i samarbeidspartnere i Norge. Derfor fungerer kontaktskjemaet under fortsatt. Om din virksomhet er åpen for å finne flere utenlandske samarbeidspartnere og leverandører så send oss gjerne en melding og vi sjekker mulighetene i vårt nettverk.

Dato og tid: Onsdag 7. juni, kl. 16.00 – 19.00 – 2023

Sted: Den estiske ambassaden i Oslo – Arbins gate 2

Vi har gleden av å invitere deg og ditt firma til en unik nettverksmulighet i samarbeid med den estiske ambassaden i Norge. Denne eksklusive samlingen er spesielt rettet mot norske selskaper innen den maritime sektoren som er interessert i å utforske nye forretningsmuligheter og etablere potensielle samarbeidspartnere i Estland.

Arrangementet vil være vertskap av ambassadøren av Republikken Estland, Lauri Bambus, og vil være organisert i samarbeid med Estlands Business og Innovation Agency. Vi vil også ha gleden av å ha Kaupo Läänerand, visegeneralsekretær for Maritime ved Estlands økonomi- og kommunikasjonsdepartement, til stede.

Gjennom samlingen vil du få muligheten til å møte representanter fra åtte utvalgte estiske selskaper som er interessert i å utvide sine forretningsforbindelser i Norge. Disse selskapene vil presentere sine tjenester og produkter i en serie korte presentasjoner som varer i omtrent en time til sammen.

I tillegg til nettverksmulighetene og presentasjonene, vil det bli servert et utvalg av forfriskninger i løpet av arrangementet. Dette er en unik mulighet til å knytte verdifulle forbindelser, bli kjent med Estlands spennende maritime sektor og utvide horisontene for ditt selskaps internasjonale engasjement.

Interessert i å delta? Fyll ut skjemaet under. Agenturer.no vil gjøre en rask evaluering av om din virksomhet er relevant for denne samlingen. Du får da enten en offisiell invitasjon fra ambassaden eller en tilbakemelding fra Agenturer.no om at samlingen ikke passer for din bedrift.



Oversikt over estiske selskaper som deltar

Se oversikt over selskaper som vil holde en presentasjon under. Alle disse er åpen for å se på ulike samarbeidsformer og ønsker å satse i Norge fremover.

Alfons Håkans: Your Trusted Harbour Towage Partner

  • Established: 1945
  • Base: Finland and Estonia

With a legacy spanning over several decades, Alfons Håkans stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency in the realm of harbour towage. Here’s why they are the right choice for you:

  • Unmatched Experience: Alfons Håkans’ expertise is steeped in local nuances, enabling them to provide safe and efficient towage around the year for all vessels and in all situations in Finnish and Estonian ports.
  • Trusted Legacy: Since 1945, they have been the most trusted harbour towage company in Finland, a testament to their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Extended Reach: Their high-quality services also extend to Estonia since 2004, and even to Latvia via their group company, PKL Flote, a well-regarded Latvian tugboat company.
  • Versatile Capability: Whether it’s a routine towage operation or a challenging maritime situation, Alfons Håkans has the right solution for you.

Website: alfonshakans.fi

Armarium – Master Craftsmanship Meets Maritime Excellence

Welcome to Armarium, where we bring years of expertise in transforming spaces and creating stunning environments. We’re not just a service provider, we’re a partner in carving out your vision, from the interiors of Norwegian fish farms to the heart of your maritime vessel.

Founded in 2006 and proudly 100% Estonian-owned, Armarium began its journey specializing in crafting ship interiors. Over time, our portfolio has expanded, showcasing our versatility in both design and implementation.

Our Services: Setting the Course for Quality and Precision

  • Ship Furnishings and Communications: Experience the seamless blend of design and functionality with our ship furnishings and communication systems. We don’t just create interiors; we build environments that encapsulate your vision.
  • Furniture Manufacturing: Our craftsmanship extends to creating bespoke furniture pieces that complement your space and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Step into the world of Armarium, where your vision takes shape in the hands of our expert craftsmen. Embark on this journey with us and witness how we bring your ideas to life.

Website: armarium.ee

Consolato del Mare OÜ (CdM): Maritime Law Specialists

  • Specialization: Shipping and Maritime Law
  • Location: Estonia
  • Client Base: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Scandinavian countries, and worldwide

CdM is a law office with a strong focus on shipping and maritime law. They excel in providing legal advice on a wide array of maritime-related issues:

  • Ship Registration and Flag Change: Navigate the legal complexities of registering a ship and changing its flag with ease.
  • Ship Sale and Purchase: They facilitate smooth transactions with comprehensive legal guidance on selling and purchasing ships.
  • Shipbuilding and ‘Ship Repair: Get expert advice on the legal aspects of building and repairing ships.
  • Ship Finance: They offer legal insights into financing options and obligations for ships.
  • Maritime Transport: Navigate the legal waters of maritime transport with their guidance.
  • Ship Accidents: Get expert legal advice in the unfortunate event of ship accidents.

Their clients include shipowners, shipping companies, insurance companies, ship finance banks, and other entities engaged in shipping and maritime business. CdM also advises the Estonian Shipowners Association on new drafts of Estonian laws, amendments, and other legal matters in Estonia, and is an associated member of the association.

With clients across the globe, and a particularly strong presence in the Baltic Sea region, Consolato del Mare OÜ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any maritime legal challenge. They are an interesting partner to meet with for anyone involved in the shipping and maritime industry.

Website: www.shippinglawyers.eu

Inspirators! – Revolutionizing the industrial sector with innovative, AI-enhanced IT solutions.

They offer two key products:

  1. FutuDraw: A game-changer in CAD technology, increasing efficiency by 20,000% compared to traditional methods. This tool automates calculations and technical drawing creation, saving up to 4 days per drawing. It is designed specifically for heating and cooling engineers, providing them a powerful tool to increase productivity and reduce human error. The solution integrates seamlessly with popular CAD tools like Autocad, and is approved by heat pump leaders like AlphaInnotec & Nibe and Novelan.
  2. Effectino: A time and task management app that has proven to boost efficiency by 20%. Ideal for high-mix-low-volume industries like furniture and industrial lights production, it replaces outdated paper-based systems with real-time tracking. Unlike competitors, Effectino is user-friendly, requires no training, ensures GDPR compliance, and can be implemented in less than a month.

Inspirators! has a successful track record with clients such as Adven, Eesti Gaas, Glamox, Saint Gobain, Ace Logistics, and Plaat Detail. With over 10 years of experience in the Norwegian market, they have a deep understanding of the local needs and dynamics. Their competitive edge lies in their unique solutions that fill specific gaps in the market, providing customers with substantial productivity and efficiency gains.

Website: inspirators.eu

Insta Globe Engineering – Redefining Marine & Offshore Electricity Services

Welcome to the dynamic world of Insta Globe Engineering, where we bring a fresh perspective to marine electricity services. We are a vibrant collective of hardworking, like-minded professionals, fueled by a common passion for excellence.

At Insta Globe Engineering, we don’t just believe in the power of our team, we treasure it. We understand that our people are our most valuable asset. Together, we create a synergy that sparks innovation and propels us to constantly strive for improvement.

Our Services:

  • Qualified Workforce Rental: Access our pool of skilled professionals, ready to add value to your projects.
  • Electrical Installations for Automated Systems: Precision and expertise drive our automated system installations.
  • Electrical Installations for Navigation Systems: We offer seamless integration of navigation systems for optimum performance.
  • Project Management: We ensure smooth project execution from inception to completion.
  • Supervision: Our watchful eye ensures consistent quality and adherence to safety standards.
  • Condition Surveys: Our detailed surveys provide valuable insights to guide decision making.
  • Electrical Equipment Installation: Experience seamless installations that prioritize safety and efficiency.
  • Welding & Piping: We offer reliable welding and piping services, executed with precision and care.

Website: www.instaglobeengineering.com

Nordlube: Your Premier Neste Lubricants Dealer

  • Experience: A rapidly progressive company with significant enthusiasm and growth.
  • Partnership: An authorized dealer of Neste Lubricants in Estonia.
  • Expansion: Soon to begin providing lubrication oil to large forestry companies in Sweden.

Nordlube is a young, dynamic company specializing in providing high-quality Neste Lubricants. Here’s why they stand out:

  • World-Class Product: They offer Neste oils, known for their high-performance quality and exceptional sustainability metrics. Neste is recognized as the most sustainable company in the energy sector and the 4th most sustainable company globally.
  • Versatile Client Base: Their clientele extends to any companies requiring lubrication oil. They excel in serving industrial companies with significant oil requirements, such as mining and tunnel-making companies.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: For clients requiring between 5000L to 10,000L, Neste offers an option to manufacture custom-made oil specifically tailored to the requirements of the equipment/machine/vehicle, including ships.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite their high-quality offerings, Nordlube remains competitively priced, ensuring clients receive great value.
  • Broad Market: In addition to their industrial clients, they also target vehicle maintenance services for cars, heavy trucks, and trains, and are in talks with large forestry businesses in Sweden.

Website: nordlube.ee

Sinetimore Consulting: Your Partner in Upholstery Solutions

  • Experience: Over 23 years in upholstery materials and furniture production.
  • Market: Active in the Norwegian market for 4-5 years, focusing on the leisure boating aftermarket and contract market.

Sinetimore Consulting specializes in three key sectors:

  1. Material Intermediation: They provide special B2B materials, such as fabrics and artificial leather, working in collaboration with reputed producers like Spradling Europe and Bartolini Home/Blue Kompany.
  2. Expert Consultation: They offer in-depth technical information and advice on upholstery materials, including certifications, to architects, designers, and purchasers.
  3. Project Facilitation: They bridge the gap between international projects and Estonian producers, ensuring efficient collaboration and quality output.

What sets Sinetimore Consulting apart from the competition in Norway is their unique selling proposition:

  • Value-Added Service: Beyond supplying high-end, certified materials, they share their extensive knowledge and practical insights, adding substantial value to their clients’ projects.

Sinetimore Consulting’s blend of product excellence, technical expertise, and personalized service makes them an interesting and valuable partner for any business in the upholstery sector.

Website: www.sinetimore.ee

Tschudi Ship Management AS: Tailored, High-Quality Ship Management Services

Meet Tschudi Ship Management AS, a third-party ship management company renowned worldwide for its comprehensive, innovative, and customer-oriented services.

Key Highlights:

  • Experienced: Offering ship management services to global shipowners with a keen focus on technical expertise and operation.
  • Customer-centric: Prioritizes shipowners’ demands, ensured through a well-educated, dynamic, and flexible organization.
  • Efficient: Minimizes off-hire and operating expenses without compromising maintenance, ensuring the safety of lives, environment, and assets.
  • Certified: Tschudi bases its ship management services on 4 pillars: SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, and MLC.
  • Diverse Market Segments: Active in conventional shipping, offshore wind support, O&G support, and ocean-going tugs.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a broad range of services, including technical, crew, and operational management, newbuilding supervision, tender management, vessel inspections, procurement, accounting & financial services, insurance management, distressed asset management, hotel & catering management, and personnel services.
  • Global Presence: Operates or is represented in 13 countries, with the main office in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Offshore Industry Expertise: Over the past decade, Tschudi has established a firm foothold in the offshore industry, standing out due to its specific focus and considerable expertise.
  • Scandinavian Market Experience: Provides a variety of management services to long-term clients in the Norwegian market and other Scandinavian countries.
  • Competitive Advantage: Uniquely positioned with extensive expertise in the offshore wind support industry. Tschudi’s size enables a personal, flexible approach, focusing closely on each client’s individual needs and challenges.

With over ten years of offshore wind support experience across seven countries, Tschudi Ship Management AS is a trusted, reliable partner for shipowners worldwide. The company’s strong Norwegian roots and core values, dating back to 1883, further enhance its reputation and reliability.

Website: www.tschudishipmanagement.com

BLRT Grupp – A Powerhouse in the Baltic Sea Region

Dive into the dynamic world of BLRT Grupp, one of the largest industrial holdings in the Baltic Sea region. Visit our website at www.blrt.ee to learn more about our expansive operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Network: BLRT Grupp is a vibrant network of over 50 active companies spread across various markets, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, and Norway.
  • Decades of Excellence: With a rich heritage spanning over 110 years, we’ve evolved, innovated, and constantly expanded our capabilities to meet the changing needs of the times.

Join us on our journey as we continue to make waves in the industry, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards in the world of industrial holdings.

Website: blrt.ee/en