IPP Black Mountain was formed 15yrs ago, we are located in the South East of the UK – 30 miles east of London.

The product we are looking to promote is our A1 Incombustible Board Magply, which is a board manufactured by a cold process using naturally occurring minerals which are extremely fire resistant and the board has a small carbon footprint.

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    IPP Ltd.

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    Gordon Pirret

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Magply is used to protect Buildings and Ships against the spread of fire, a 9mm Board on a timber stud achieves 90 minutes Fire Resistance which is remarkable. It is also freeze/thaw stable can be used inside and out and has been tested at the Bunch Building Physics Institute in Denmark at very high R/H levels and passed for external use.

We are looking for agents familiar with this market for Fire Resistant Boards for Construction who can bring their existing contacts and dynamically expand the Magply market internationally. We have many EU Fire & Acoustic Test results. We will advertise in trade journals in Norway and other countries to help generate sales leads for our future agent.