Start selling your products in Norway with independent sales agents!

The shortcut to clients in a new market

Sales Agents are already working and selling in the market you are aiming to enter. This means that they already know local decision makers and will not need to start from scratch in their sales efforts. They can therefore provide a shortcut for your company in establishing new clients in Norway.

Minimize your risk

When entering a new market, you minimize your risk by using sales agents and independent distributors. The reason? There’s much less overhead and expense, since there’s no need to rent offices, hire employees and study the local labor laws. That means less risk and more profit.

You reach your target group

Through the website, our exclusive candidate databse, and social media maintain targted communities of people ready to sell for you. We attract attention of local sales agents, franchisees, retailers and distributors who are ready to start generating local sales revenue for you. We have been delivering results in the Norwegian market since 2006.

Great service and expert help

A few foreign clients prefer to only advertise with and do all the follow up and screening of agents themselves. The majority however like to get more help and advice when searching for agents in a new country. has been working with sales agents since 2006 and we are happy to provide additional assistence and expert help to our foreign clients.

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