OPS Ltd designs and supplies solids washing and water treatment equipment/plants for all types of industry. We specialise in removing oil from solids such as sand and soil but we have diversified to provide plant and equipment to clean glass cullet, road sweepings, gully waste, interceptor sludge and many more. We also supply water treatment equipment to treat difficult effluents in various industries such as waste industry, bio-energy industry, food and agriculture industry, road arising, oil industry and the steel industry.

Our Products

  • Water treatment – designs include – chemical and electro-coagulation, DAF, filtration, absorbing filters

Solids treatment:

  • Plants – wash plants to clean glass cullet, road sweepings, gully waste, interceptor sludge, soil, sand
  • Equipment – thickener/clarifiers, sludge management, scrubbers.

In water treatment our electrocoagulation is relatively new – it produces much less sludge than chemical coagulation and can be retrospectively installed in front of any DAF. For DAF’s we have designs for many different applications – high solids, high oil, FOGs, high spec and low spec. Our absorbent medias remove all types of heavy metals especially good for polishing after EC.

Wash Plants – they are bespoke for the client, we have some designs and buy other unit operations to integrate into our plant. We understand the wash plant business as we run our own in the UK.

Thickeners – our design is a high rate/small footprint design and they can be fully mobile. A competitor may use a 5m diameter tank which is expensive to assemble – ours is only 3m diameter.

Some of our clients include:

Sales Agent Wanted

We have worked in Norway for 10 years on and off and are now looking for a local agent that can focus on and build the Scandinavian market further.

The target industries for our products include:

  • Recycling industry – Franzefoss, Stena, Ragn Sells, Veolia, ROAF
  • Food industry – effluent treatmenet removal of fats, oils and greases.
  • Pharmaceuticals – effluent treatment removal of heavy metal
  • Construction and demolition recyclers, quarries, road sand treatment companies

We’ll be offering an attractive commission model and marketing support.

Does this sound like an interesting opportunity for you? Then we’re looking forward to hearing from you.