Award winning Novus Tea is a young innovative and dynamic company, specialising in the supply of premium leaf teas to the best hotels, restaurants and independent coffee market in the UK and Europe. Novus Tea source the finest examples of tea types, delivering exceptional taste and flavour and is capable of delivering a truly premium leaf tea experience to all areas of an operation through a multi format range.

We are a family business proud to be British and manufacture and pack all our own products here in the UK, in our own facility.

Our obsession is taste and flavour which is evident by the many Great Taste Awards we have won and continue to win year after year. Novus Tea is an award winning brand because it uses only top grades of tea, in both loose and pyramid form. Taste is our USP as we blow away the competition. Where other brands use cheap sencha green tea, Novus uses much higher quality leaf such as Long Jing.

Our Client support is second to none, our aim is to ensure our passion becomes your success, dedicated training programmes ensure our clients are confident delivering a high quality tea service.

Our Display and Tea Ware range are designed so great tea can be served with style and simplicity in any discerning environment.

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Sales Agent in Norway wanted

We would want agents to sell the full range, especially to distributors (See Product Guide – pdf).

We do have a small pyramid, leaf and tin format for retail sale, so this can be used for retail based agents. Typically our strength in in foodservice.

To start with we would look to target distributors and coffee roasters and Hotels and subsequently Horeca customers to pull through the product through distribution channels. Our range strength is in Horeca, not retail, but for example we do have an agent in Japan who targets retail clients and is doing very well.

Agents would be provided with full sales presentation, product guide (translated if necessary) and samples and product examples, as well as tasting kit, to do full tasting. We have an extensive range of marketing material and we would typically provide a web presence when developing a territory. This will mean any leads we generate, will be fed back to sales agent. Access to our CRM is possible as it is web based.